Sunday, 27 January 2019

Togs or Trackies?

Hey guys today I am completing this task

On your blog, tell us what time of year you think is best for tourists for come and visit. Be sure to share at least three things that tourists could do while they were here in NZ.

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Saturday, 26 January 2019

The Black Drain...

Hey guys today I am completing this task

Approximately two-thirds of all rivers and one-half of all lakes in New Zealand are too polluted to swim in, according to a recent article in an online newspaper. One of the most polluted is the Tarawera River in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand. Pollution enters the river from a local pulp and paper mill, from local farms and through the local sewage system. Many other rivers in New Zealand are also polluted with waste from businesses and farms.

Use Google to help you find two other polluted rivers in New Zealand.

On your blog, tell us:

1) The names of the rivers - The Heathcote River 2) The location of the rivers - Canterbury 3) What is being done to clean up the rivers (if anything) - Environment Canterbury recently introduced strict new environmental requirements for the region's farmers, requiring most farms to develop Farm Environment Plans showing how farms will take action to mitigate risks like nutrient leaching, soil erosion, effluent risks and protect waterways through actions such as fencing off waterways and undertaking riparian planting. The plans are independently audited. Since the introduction of these new rules, waterways are now showing improvements across a number of measures.

1) The names of the rivers - Grey River 2) The location of the rivers - West Coast 3) What is being done to clean up the rivers (if anything) -government funding was made available to build a sewerage treatment plant.

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Faded Glory

Hey guys today I am completing this task-

The Australian government is working to protect and preserve the reef. Each year they spend about $200 million dollars repairing and protecting the reef. It is a lot of money and they could really use some help raising the money (funds) required to repair the reef. This is where you come in!
  • On your blog, list three different ideas or strategies for raising funds to preserve the Great Barrier Reef. What could you do to fundraise here in New Zealand.
  1. Sell things you dont need any more then donate the money you raised(In my opinion I will donate it to kid in need no offense).
2. Put up signs that say help raise money for the Great Barrier Reef because Australias goverment has been using 200 million year.

3. Ask your family to help sponsor Great Barrier Reef

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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Hey guys today I am back with another task here it is...

Fishing is a really common activity in New Zealand. In fact, people have fished in New Zealand for centuries. Unfortunately, over the past few decades some people have caught too many fish in one area and left the region without enough fish to refill (replenish) the stocks. When this happens we call the area ‘overfished’ and it is closed to all private and commercial fishing. If people are caught fishing in these areas, they are required to pay a fine (money). The maximum fine for fishing in a restricted area is $100 000.
What do you think about this rule? Is it fair that people are charged up to $100 000 for overfishing?

I think that the rule is good because if so many people come to fish but then over fish its going to kill all of the fish and then all we can eat is meat like steak,lamb,pork and chicken. People could get sick of it then what are they going to eat the foods with chemicals in it or what. If all the fish were dead how will we make more fish we never created fish god did to help us eat food thats why people have to think before they do. Because once there gone theirs know going back.

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It’s All in the Name

Hey guys I am back with another task here it is...
Over the years, people have suggested that we come up with a new name for the pool. What do you think we should call it? Take a minute to let your creative juices flow.
On your blog, give us a list of three to five options for the name of this geothermal pool. Put a star (*) beside the name that you like the most.

  1. *Bubbly Boozle 
  2. Green smokey fear
  3. Green power
  4. *Maui's secret hidding spot
  5. Doubble my Troubble 
Guys it was a hard chose so I chose 2 help me chose one bye commenting which name is better bye...

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Hey guys am back with another task look below to see...

Let’s imagine that you had the chance to visit Milford Sound by boat, foot (walking) or air (helicopter). Which option would you prefer?
On your blog tell us which of the three options you would take to explore Milford Sound. Be sure to tell us why you have chosen this option.

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A Local Delicacy

Hey guys today I am completing this task...
For this activity, please choose a favorite food and find a recipe for it.

On your blog, share a list of the ingredients that you need to make this food. You must type out the list of ingredients yourself (and not simply copy and paste it from a website) to earn full points.

My favorite food is Spaghetti Bolognese.

Spaghetti Bolognese recipe

Spaghetti pasta
Beef Mince
Watties garden vege pasta sauce
Mix vegies optional 

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