Friday, 21 September 2018

Figure out these quesstions guys........

Hey guys welcome back to my blog" Today I am asking you guys a question. the question is how can we make people stop using bad language
 so ya basically thats what i'm doing.  The challenging thing about this blog post is drum roll please............................... Is that you have to try make people use positive language. Thank you for reading ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Bugs bunny did you copyright again?

Hey guys todays blog post is about copyright". If you don't know what that means... It means when you take something thats not yours. For a example if I post a song online that is not mine I could get sued(take 10 millon dollars of you) so ya . How to not copy write... Image result for nike
First post a piture
Next say who it is by Pinterest
Last maybe put there website.

Good job Bugs Bunny can you give it one more try". Oh man fine heres a piture of me. Image result for bugs bunnyby  Wikipedia. Thank you Danielle for this lesson". Its alright" says Danielle. The challenging thing about this is that I had to do lots of thinking so ya thank you for reading.

Post card....

Hey guys I am back and today" I will be showing you drum roll please.................My post card" So ya. You Guys are proberly thinking what was challenging the thing that was challenging was that we ahd to earn them by something we don't do ofen. I got one because i steped up and was a leader so ya. Thank you for reading hope you enjoy.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Letter too................

Hey guys welcoome back to my blog this letter goes to Teisa because she has left my school and i am really sad. The  challenging bit is that i do not know what to say.So ya lets get straight onto the main bits.

Dear Teisa I miss you so much. You are the bestest friend i've ever had. You are loyal to me always I wish you were still here. School doesn't feel the same without you. I will always remeber you Teisa. Thank you for reading.

Hey guys today I am showing you some of my drawings that I do at home. The challenging thing about these drawings was that i have to keep rubbing out things and the other challenging thing was that it toke a long time taking photos. So ya Thank you for reading hope you enjoy.

Did I go to the movies hmm...

Hey guys this blog post is about me going to the movies". The challenging thing in the movies was that it was so so packed. We were waiting in line for ages. Here is proof that i went there. Thank you for reading

Why am i sad.......................

Hey guys I am back and I am telling you some bad news. The bad news is that my BFF(Best friend forever) Teisa. Has went to another school it was supper sad for me because.................She was like the only friend that I ever trusted. The challenging thing about this was that I had to try not to cry in class. But thank you for reading bye.