Saturday, 25 August 2018

Guess who got most improved players of the day............ I DID OH YA

When our game finished and Miss Martian called out the most improved players of the day i got called out then Andrea then Sofaia i was super happy. But before we finished our game it was so so challenging for me to keep up with the other team they were so good but still i can't believe it thank you for reading here's a photo/picture.

There's 3 classmates of mine that inspire me who are they........

Hey guys today i am writing to you about my inspires and who they are. It was so challenging to pick one so i picked three. I hope you enjoy!!

First one  Toe'umu because she is super duper nice and also clever the reason that she inspires me is because she is always kind and she always uses positive language.

Next one is Anaseini because she is really really awesome. she inspires me because she works well with anyone.

Last one is Lillian because she is super funny and nice. She inspires me because she stands up for her self she is one tough girl.

Who taught me my fractions??

It was Anaseini because she is so clever and she helps our class a lot and.she inspires me because she is nice to everyone and she doesn't just go with girls in a group she goes with boys too. But when she was teaching me it was challenging because i kept getting mixed up. Thank you for reading here's a picture of her.

Say no to plastic

Hey guys today's blog post is to say no to plastic and how can we save the earth because earth is getting trashed. And also it was challenging to do this blog post because you have to think of ideas and evidence. Thank you for reading enjoy!

Thursday, 23 August 2018

My awesome film By: Danielle,Teisa,Siliva,Richard,Semisi

Hi guys today i'm going to be showing you my interesting film it's called the zombies strike. We´ve been learning how to make a film it really helped i think that's why we finished early. It was challenging because we had to figure out what kind of change was the going to be. Thank you for reading here's the video!

Friday, 17 August 2018

6 facts about Horrid Henry??

1. He´s horrid
2. He doesn´t like moody Margret
3. He lie´s
4. His best friend is Ralf
5. He doesn´t like school
6. He has a mum dad  brother(perfect Peter)

Thursday, 16 August 2018

My favirote cartoon.

This is my favirote cartoon because its funny,horrid and more. But the main thing i like about this cartoon is that its funny.