Monday, 14 January 2019

Fabulous Flora

Hey guys today I am doing this task-For this activity, you are asked to watch a short video of someone weaving a fish (ika) out of flax.
On your blog, tell us whether or not you would like to try flax weaving. Does it interest you? Why or why not?- I would actually want to try this because it looks super duper fun and challengeing plus it is super creative just how I like things to be. But the main thing is I am trying new things that is what takes you places in life. THANK YOU FOR READING

Surfs up

Hey guys today I am doing this activity-On your blog, post a picture of yourself doing one of your favourite summer activities. Below the picture tell us what the activity is and tell us why it is one of your favorites.
 My favorite thing to do in the summer is go for rides with cousins sisters brothers and mum and dad well and my great anties.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Mighty Mangroves

Hey guys today I am doing this activity-For this activity you are asked to think of someone who is very tough and strong. They can be someone who you know personally or they can be a character that you have read about in a book, seen in a movie, or on a television show.On your blog, tell us about this person. Who are they? Why are they, in your opinion, so strong and tough? My character is oh I actually have 2 they aren't tough but they are strong because when my mum had cancer my mum's anties were praying for her and told everyone at there church to if there have time then pray for my mum and they did thats why my mums still alive and thats why Antie Nive and Antie Sipusi are my heroes even tho they aren't tough they still have a lot of faith AND THEY GO TO CHURCH MAY GOD BLESS THEM so send my love to them. THAT YOU GUYS FOR READING.

The Great Taupo Cycle Challenge:)

Hey guys today I am back with another activity here is is-On your blog, list the three people you would like to have on your Lake Taupo Cycle Race Support Crew. Tell us why you have chosen each person. So ya do you guys get it now? Anyways lets get started...

1. Jackie Chan - Because he does randowm things like his own stunt so he can ride a bike right.
2. Jacinda Ardern- because so she can encourage people to get strong/fit and healthy.
3. Tom Cruise- Because if he can do his own stunts he can ride his bike right!!

Predator Free 2050 – A Call to Arms

Hey guys today I am going to be doing this activity-On your blog, tell us which project you find most interesting and why..


Because it told us about how our kiwis would be eaten because of rats stoats and possums. The man in the story said how can I help because he was an engineer and he knew how to make things. So he started to make a transmitters so they could see what kiwis were up to so they could rescue there eggs and chicks before they get eaten. 


A Protective Plant

Hey guys today I am going to be completing this task-On your blog list 10 veggies, fruits, or herbs that you would plant in your garden.

If I had an garden I would plant ten fruits or veggies.

1. Sour strawberries
2. Wet watermelons
3. Lucky lime
4. Lippy lemons
5. Rocking raspberries
6. Running rock melon
7. Punching pineapple
8. Numb nectarine
9. Pumping peach
10. Parenting plum


Hey guys here is the activity I will be doing-On your blog, tell us how you would feel about going zip-lining in Rotorua. Try to use some descriptive words (adjectives) and action words (verbs) in your post(Fun fact about me my dad used to live in Rotarua till 2003 then he came to Auckland. one more fun fact about me my Dad and ant have there own land there/grandpa too.)

Would I go ya obesity it look so terrifying in a awesome way I am going to ask my Dad if I can go. The land looks as beautiful as a fern. If I could go there it would be so so super duper aaawwweeesssooommmeee! 

bye guys thanks for reading:)

The Legend of New Zealand SLJ

Hey guys today I am telling you guys 3 NEW FACTS I learnt they are some interesting things if you want write what the interesting thing was for you I guess I should start now.

1.  The most popular films in the country include ‘Once were Warriors’, ‘The Whale Rider’, ‘The Piano’ and the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy.

2.  30% of the country is forest.

3.New Zealand was once governed as part of the territory of New South Wales and later a part of Australia.

 Thanks you for reading the one that was so interesting for me was the last because it was weird for me.

Salt and Pepper SLJ

Hey guys today I am going to be telling you guys where I would build a hotel and with what material and create one room on google drawings or with a pencil and paper. I chose google drawings. I would build my house with wood because so it can look nice and people will want to spend the night in my hotel and build it in Mission Bay because it is beautiful and spectacular. Here is what one room will look like...Thank you guys for reading and looking at my post HAPPY NEW YEAR and have a great day!!

Thursday, 10 January 2019

week 2 day 3-Crazy, Cool Clouds.

Hey guys today I am describing this cloud and its shape- This cloud is shaped as a bunny from Peter rabbit. I could tell this was a bunny because of its 2 long ears and its pose its posed like a bunny is hopping. Thank you for reading me describing this cute cloud. BYE!

Week 2 day 2 Picture Perfect.

Hey guys today I am going to be writing a story/thinking of why they stopped to take a selfie about this picture and guessing where they are?
so I guess I should get started...

Thank you for reading BYE!