Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Hey guys today I am back with another task here it is...

Fishing is a really common activity in New Zealand. In fact, people have fished in New Zealand for centuries. Unfortunately, over the past few decades some people have caught too many fish in one area and left the region without enough fish to refill (replenish) the stocks. When this happens we call the area ‘overfished’ and it is closed to all private and commercial fishing. If people are caught fishing in these areas, they are required to pay a fine (money). The maximum fine for fishing in a restricted area is $100 000.
What do you think about this rule? Is it fair that people are charged up to $100 000 for overfishing?

I think that the rule is good because if so many people come to fish but then over fish its going to kill all of the fish and then all we can eat is meat like steak,lamb,pork and chicken. People could get sick of it then what are they going to eat the foods with chemicals in it or what. If all the fish were dead how will we make more fish we never created fish god did to help us eat food thats why people have to think before they do. Because once there gone theirs know going back.

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  1. Malo e lelei Danielle,

    You have told us what you thought about the rule very clearly, ka pai. You are very passionate when you a giving your opinion, which is great.

    There is a balance in all systems on our planet, when things change drastically, it affects the balance and there will be consequences. Imagine having no fish in our seas, although they are a part of human diet they are also the staple diet of many marine animals. What do you think would happen to those animals that rely on fish to live?

    I personally think it's fair to get a fine of that amount and those who break the rules deserve to pay a hefty fine. Overfishing is a serious problem a lot life depends on having fish in our waters.

    Hopefully the fines continue to help get the message across better.

    Toe feiloa'i fo'i,


  2. Talofa Lava Danielle,
    You have done a great job explaining your opinion clearly and passionately. I feel like you don't like those who overfish, because they are ruining peoples lives, by eating too much fish ans possibly may make them run out. Different animals like eagles may eat fish, and if they run out, then what do they eat? That is a big reason on why fining is good.

    How many fish are in the world (approx)?

    Happy Blogging
    Gargee HPS
    (Work fast, at 12 midnight the SLJ ends!)


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