Sunday, 13 January 2019

A Protective Plant

Hey guys today I am going to be completing this task-On your blog list 10 veggies, fruits, or herbs that you would plant in your garden.

If I had an garden I would plant ten fruits or veggies.

1. Sour strawberries
2. Wet watermelons
3. Lucky lime
4. Lippy lemons
5. Rocking raspberries
6. Running rock melon
7. Punching pineapple
8. Numb nectarine
9. Pumping peach
10. Parenting plum

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  1. Fakalofa lahi atu Danielle,

    Wow, what a list! You have shared 10 fruits you would plant in your garden, ka pai. You've picked some delicious fruits here, I like the alliteration you've used to make reading the names catchy. I am curious about why you called plum, 'parenting plums', interesting...

    Perhaps next time you could include some pictures of these fruits and their seeds. It'd be awesome to see what they start out as and what they grow into!

    If I had a garden I would definitely have a mandarin tree. When I was young my grand aunty had four mandarin trees in her back yard, so whenever we went over she'd tell us to go fill a bag to take home. I also used to live in a place that had a feijoa and macadamia nut tree, I remember sitting round the front, cracking nuts with my dad's hammer a lot in those days. Have you ever lived in a house with a fruit tree?

    Hope your holiday is going great.

    Toe feiloa'i fo'i,



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