Sunday, 8 July 2018

poem of the week?

People vanish
people stay
people feel
people learn
people change
people grow
So that was my poem for this week hope you enjoy. But before we end this blog post this has a question and i will ask you that now. So what was this poem about?? If you guys get it right you guys will be in a shoutout in the next blog post wish you luck. Oh just before i end i will give you a clue just in case to hard find out what R.I.P stand for that is a big clue blog you later.😜😛😄😎😁💩.
 By the way this was a poem by me

Friday, 6 July 2018


Game of the week????

Hey guys sorry about not doing game of the week that much. But now i´m back to do another one this is a soccer game and if you like soccer the this is the game for you so i guess lets get started.

 Game link           Game called super soccer star 2

2. this is what happens when you click on the ball.

3. levels

My cinquains poem.

The 4 forces for a plane!!

Thursday, 5 July 2018

5 facts about my 2 best friends Teisa and Lillian!!!

  1.  They are preety
  2. They are nice
  3. They are cool
  4. They are awesome
  5. They are my best friends

green poem

green is the color of the leaves
green is the of color of grass
green is the color of frogs
green is the color of trees

By: Danelle

What was challenging: It was not that challenging because green is my favirote color.

Blog buddy: Teisa/Danielle

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

5 facts about my friend teisa

  1. she is clever
  2. she is nice
  3. she is tongan
  4. she is cool
  5. she is diffirent