Sunday, 13 January 2019

Mighty Mangroves

Hey guys today I am doing this activity-For this activity you are asked to think of someone who is very tough and strong. They can be someone who you know personally or they can be a character that you have read about in a book, seen in a movie, or on a television show.On your blog, tell us about this person. Who are they? Why are they, in your opinion, so strong and tough? My character is oh I actually have 2 they aren't tough but they are strong because when my mum had cancer my mum's anties were praying for her and told everyone at there church to if there have time then pray for my mum and they did thats why my mums still alive and thats why Antie Nive and Antie Sipusi are my heroes even tho they aren't tough they still have a lot of faith AND THEY GO TO CHURCH MAY GOD BLESS THEM so send my love to them. THAT YOU GUYS FOR READING.


  1. Hey Danielle, It is Araura.. I really like how you thought outside of the box. Thats really sad that your mom had Cancer, I hope she's okay.

    Keep up the good work Danielle..

    Blog you later!

  2. Talofa Danielle,

    I like that you chose two people you knew personally as the strongest and toughest people you know. Your Aunties are strong for having faith that your Mum would get well, for sure. Having some faith and believing is very powerful isn't it?

    I think your Mum is so strong and tough for overcoming cancer, that is amazing and an incredible feat, thank goodness she is still here and she is well!

    My Mum is the strongest and toughest person I know, in her mind and body. I'm lucky that a bit of that brushed off on to me as well as my brothers and sisters. I am eternally grateful to have a great person like her in my life. She has taught me to be resilient and reflect when things don't always work out so I can get up again and work hard to move forward.

    Mums are amazing, thank you for sharing some of you and your family's story.

    Toe feiloa'i fo'i,



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